2021 Update

A lot has happened since the last post.
Mark Glover went on to win back to back championships in 2019 in his Racekits Falcon - a brilliant effort. 
In 2020 Mark was second in the championship behind a resurgent Peter Bove now back up to speed in his old Darvi. Andrew was third in the "works" Falcon despite not having raced at 2 out of the 3 circuits on the calendar. 
Ian Barley has rebuilt his Falcon after a major crash at the Birkett Relay race and another unlucky accident on his initial return.  He had 5th place in the wet at Snetterton behind the Falcons of Andrew and Mark, Peter Bove's Darvi and a dominant Dave Hodkin, so I think we can expect to see some more good results from Ian this year.
John Donley started off the 2020 season in his 750 Formula Merlin and with the reduced schedule is still developing and setting up the car.  Likewise our own "works" Merlin driven by me has been undergoing substantial modification from its Historic 750 Formula specification to make it competitive in the formula and the work has progressed during the year. For 2021 it will be Andrew's turn to drive the Merlin which might speed it up a bit and my turn to drive the Falcon.

Meanwhile, there are 2 more Falcons being built. Matt Unwin has made a very nice job of his Falcon which will racing this season and John Iley is starting work on his Falcon for the 2022 season.

The Historic 750 Formula has had a tremendous resurgence over the last couple of years many more old 750 Formula cars have returned to racing so after a total of 6 kits built (4 Historics and 2 in the formula) there is no longer much need for the Merlin kit and so I have removed it from the website.
We can still provide chassis and suspension parts for these cars but not the more comprehensive kit that we used to.

We will be testing the Merlin at Silverstone on the 13th March if that goes ahead so if you want to speak to us come along


Autosport International Show at the NEC

Going to the Autosport show?  Ben and Ollie Collett will have their Racekits Falcon with their own design of carbon fibre bodywork on display on the 750 Motor Club stand.
It is a fantastic piece of work and well worth seeing.

5 January 2018

Falcon wins its 1st Championship

Congratulations to Mark Glover for winning the 1st races for a Racekits Falcon and the 2018 750 Formula championship.  A great result and a very popular winner.  
In the links section there is a link to Mark's blog of his building of the car from the kit.

The season went less well for the works team with Andrew and me sharing the car.
We had a number of minor reliability problems as we developed some the Mk 2 Falcon components but Andrew did get a fastest lap and a pair of 3rd places from 7th on the grid at Cadwell in his 1st wet race, while Mark was going on to win the 1st race for a Racekits Falcon.

While Mark went on to another race win at Donnington I managed a couple of 4th places (should have been 3rds really).

For the last race at Snetterton, father and son team Ben and Ollie Collett brought out their Falcon  with all new and very impressive all-enveloping carbon-fibre bodywork which they have made themselves, and Ollie took it to a 3rd place finish.

Over the winter we will be finishing off the modifications to complete the Mk 2 Falcon.
We have tested most of the modifications  during the season but not all together and mostly in heavier prototype form so we are hoping for some good racing next season


First race meeting of the season

The racing season has started at last. 
We have made some major upgrades to the Falcon since last year, but we hadn't finished them for the first race at Brands so the car was only cobbled together with some new and some old parts the night before the races. 
The car was running well in 4th place before succumbing to a blocked fuel line in both races.
However Mark Glover in his Falcon had a good meeting leading the first race up till the last lap before being pipped for the win by reigning champion Bill Cowley.

So on to Mallory where Andrew will be driving the Falcon and I will be giving the Merlin its first outing of the season


Race Retro and Gordon Murray's 750 car

From the original drawings, Andrew has been building a chassis designed by Gordon Murray in the 1970's but never completed.
Innovative for its time and very lightweight the chassis will be on display at Race Retro this week end.
Andy and I will be there on the Friday so if you want see what Racekits can do for you or just have a chat with us please drop in.


Suitable Transverse Gearboxes

We are often asked which gearboxes to use with the Falcon or other transverse-engined 750 cars.
On the Gallery page, I have put a table of the most commonly available gearboxes with the standard 5th gear ratio and also with the Ron Welsh 1:1 straight cut 5th gear which can be fitted without dismantling the main gearbox.
One table gives the individual ratios and the other gives the overall ratios.
For comparison I have also shown the overall ratios for a race Reliant gearbox with a 3.9 and a 4.2 final drive.
The 900cc Seicento gearbox is different from the others and needs an adaptor plate to fit the FIRE engine. This is not suitable for the Falcon.  Of the other gearboxes the Grande Punto and  Punto 55 Cabriolet  can make use of the standard 5th gear , but in my opinion would  be better with the Ron Welsh 1:1 5th gear. The others really need the 1:1 gear for 5th to be of any use at all
The Grande Punto  has a  higher torque capacity than the earlier versions and is the one I have used in my Falcon since it was first built.


Autosport International Show is over

Andy and I had a good time at the Autosport International show with plenty of interest in the very good looking Fareham College built Falcon. 

falcon autosport pic.jpg

In the meantime we are developing a lot of improvements to our own car that can be incoroporated into future kits.

I have added a link on the links page to Mark Glovers build blog that he wrote while building his own Falcon -the car in which Mark took 2nd place in the championship this year.




Autosport International

The Fareham College built Rcaekits Falcon will be on display on the 750 MotorClub stand at the Autosport show.

Andrew and I will be there too. So if you want to have a chat about 750 Formula racing in general or Racekits cars in particular come along and see us there.        Martin