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The 750 Formula has evolved from the original Austin 7 racers to the slicks and wings racecars we use today. Now modern lightweight 750 racers are powered by the cheap and robust 1108 cc FIAT FIRE engines as fitted to Puntos and Seicentos.

With a good power-to-weight ratio and tremendous cornering power, average lap speeds can reach 90 mph on the Donington National and an amazing 98 mph at Mallory Park 

The simple construction regulations allow considerable freedom of design making it possible for amateur designers and constructors to build their own cars at a reasonable cost.

The change to the FIAT engine and more recently the introduction of transverse-engined cars has led to new interest in the formula with increasing race entries and new cars under construction.

Many great motor racing personalities have  made cars for the 750 formula including, Colin Chapman, Eric Broadley founder of Lola, Derek Bennet founder of Chevron cars, Cosworth co-founder Mike Costin, Jem Marsh of Marcos, and race car designers Gordon Murray, Maurice Phillipe, and Len Terry.

Formula Regulations

The formula regulations are basically quite simple.

The car is a sports racing car with a tubular  frame chassis incorporating a small passenger space.

The engine is , a FIAT FIRE engine from the Punto or Seicento.

Modifications to the basic FIAT engine are confined to balancing and lightening the flywheel and raising the compression ratio. Limited balancing of the reciprocating parts is also allowed.

Inlet and exhaust system design are free but carburetion is limited to a single choke.

Ignition mapping is restricted.

The transmission is restricted to a 4 speed gearbox for front-engined cars and standard Fiat 5 speed boxes for rear engined cars

The Control slick is the Yokohama Advan slick. But wet tyres choice is free.

These simple rules have enabled constructors to build a wide variety of competitive cars in front or mid-engined configuration at a reasonable cost.

The full regulations can be found on the 750 Motor Club website.

The Historic 750 Formula

This is a race series for older 750 formula  and Austin 7 racing cars using Reliant or Austin 7 engines. Newly built cars are eligible if they are built to pre-1973 750 Formula regulations. The series also allows other old racing cars of similar performance

The full regulations can be found on the 750 Motor Club website.

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